I’ve directed three shows for cycle-touring comedy Shakespeare company, The HandleBards: four-woman, clowning versions of The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet and As You Like It. The shows have toured almost non-stop for the past three years, and played in countries including India, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Malaysia and Thailand. Last year, I also worked at the RSC, making Weirdo Sister: a one-woman, family show in response to their production of Macbeth, to play as part of their Inside Out programme of events.

The Tempest

The Tempest is my third four-woman show for cycling Shakespeare company, The HandleBards. It’s currently touring the UK by bike, with dates here.

★★★★★ ‘The best version of The Tempest I have ever seen’ - Broadway Baby

Design: Connie Watson | Music: Guy Hughes | Company Manager: Emily Tate | Cast: Roisin Brehony, Tika Mu’Tamir, Katie Sherrard, Ellice Stevens

Weirdo Sister

The three witches gather. The cauldron bubbles. Something wicked is on its way. But they have forgotten the littlest witch, who tries to join her sisters and lead Macbeth to his doom. 

Weirdo Sister is a devised family friendly clowning show inspired by Macbeth, made with and performed by Lotte Tickner. It was commissioned by the RSC to play in their Inside Out programme in Summer 2018 in The Swirl temporary space. It has been invited back for 2019 and will be performed in the Swirl by Lucy Green on September 1st.

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is a fast paced, fun outdoor production for The HandleBards. In summer 2016 it toured the country, traveling by bicycle from London to the Edinburgh Fringe.  In the autumn it toured schools and was the first all-female production to visit Sudan. In Spring 2017 it toured across Asia. It in 2018 it was revived and toured the UK, India and Thailand.

★★★★ 'A tender and touching production, whilst still managing to get away with a lot of piss-taking' - TV Bomb
★★★★★ – The Shields Gazette

Design: Nik Corrall | Associate Director: Callum Brodie | Assistant Director/ Stage Manager: Steph Withers | Music: Guy Hughes | Original Cast: Elle Dillon-Reams, Lianne Harvey, Lizzie Muncey, Lotte Tickner | 2018 Cast: Eleanor Chaganis, Charlotte Driessler, Lucy Green, Sian Eleanor Green | Produced by Handlebards

As You Like It

As You Like It was an outdoor production for the HandleBards with riotous amounts of energy, a fair old whack of chaos, and a great deal of laughter. It toured the country by bike, travelling from London to Edinburgh and many places in between in Summer 2017. In Autumn 2017 and Spring 2018 it toured to schools and internationally to India and Southeast Asia.

★★★★★ 'Charming, funny and very silly,'  Young Perspective
★★★★★ 'Delightfully inventive' DarkChat
★★★★ 'It is cheeky, it is hilarious and it is touching (sometimes literally).' Reviews Hub

Design: Alberta Jones | Company Manager: Paul Moss | Music: Guy Hughes | Original Cast: Elle Dillon-Reams, Lucy Green, Jessica Hern, Lotte Tickner | Produced by Handlebards