Weirdo Sister

The three witches gather. The cauldron bubbles. Something wicked is on its way. But they have forgotten the littlest witch, who tries to join her sisters and lead Macbeth to his doom. 

Weirdo Sister is a devised family friendly clowning show inspired by Macbeth, made with and performed by Lotte Tickner. It was commissioned by the RSC to play in their Inside Out programme in Summer 2018 in The Swirl temporary space.

Smack Rabbit

Rose Wardlaw is freaking out. She's never done a solo performance. Her mum keeps finding her eating crisps and crying in the shed. What's Smack Rabbit? She's written it on the roof. We think you all need to come along for moral support. She bloody well needs it.

Smack Rabbit is a solo performance by Rose Wardlaw, performed at Battersea Arts Centre10 Days in Dublin Festival, and various scratch nights since 2013.